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What is a backlink profile? Whether in the SEO strategy, this type of backlink is effective for the website or not? The article experts will give you the most in-depth look at Backlink profile? What is the meaning of Profile Backlink? And some of the FAQs related to link building link profile like?

What is a backlink profile?

Backlink profiles are the links that are pointed to your website from the MXH profile, Forum… In the process of making Offpage, this type of link is very interested by SEOers. Because the profile plays a role in making the website sustainable development. Besides, this type of backlink is always rated as quality and useful for the website.

So, link profile plays a huge role in SEO strategy. So, why is the Backlink profile so important?

Meaning of Profile Backlink?

Many people think that going link profile is a form of link spam. But this is completely false and not true to reality. Backlink profile form is always Google to catch and appreciate. Because of:

Backlink in the form of a profile helps the website to popularize the brand

Profile backlink helps your business to popularize your brand effectively. Because, the collection of this type of links mostly takes place on forums, social networks. This makes your website more visible to readers. Therefore, your brand will also be known by many people. A fairly effective and safe method of brand dissemination, applied in making seo entity services extremely effectively.

Diversified Anchor Text

The fact that you build a series of Backlinks for your website. This will not work if the construction does not have a specific strategy. The strategy here lies in how you diversify your keywords? From Backlink profile how do you set the Anchor Text with keywords? This also makes your Backlink more natural and friendly to Googlebot.

backlink profile 1

For the most part, profile Backlinks are pointed by SEOers to the homepage. Therefore, if you are building a homepage SEO strategy. Then, you should find a way to build a Backlink profile system as the first option.

Nofollow links are more diverse

Do not think that nofollow links are not effective in SEO. Nofollow links, however, do not increase the power of the Juice flow. However, this type of link helps to improve the trust of the website effectively. Especially, when SEOers get the No link from high-quality websites. This makes your website even more solid.

Backlink profiles are mostly links with the Nofollow attribute. Nofollow links add more naturalness to the backlink system you build. However, you also need to balance the ratio of No and Do backlinks in a harmonious way. Therefore, profile Backlink makes the backlink system more natural and friendly.

How to have an effective link profile when doing SEO?

Going to the link profile is considered quite simple and easy to do. The main core of the problem is how you have to make a quality Backlink profile. Therefore, when researching and going to link profiles, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

Choose quality forums and social networks to link. The SEOer should prioritize pages with high PA and PR index as the best.
Use more related Anchor Text in a more diverse way.

For information of 1 profile that you have created. You should share information about your avatar, logo, and brand name.
You can use layer 2, layer 3 links for these link profiles. This will make your website faster to be indexed by Google.
SEOs should not just stop at linking links to the homepage. You can link links to categories that need SEO. This will bring greater efficiency in your SEO strategy.

After you have created a profile account and add the website link. At this point, you need to use the Google Index tool for the created profile account itself. This way, new link profiles can hopefully be Google Indexed. Because, a profile account that is not indexed by Google is considered a Backlink profile that cannot be created.
Methods to index link profile

To be able to make Google index your link profile as quickly as possible. You can use up to 1 of 4 ways below:

Share link profile on linkhay page. Linkhay is a website that is rated very well in terms of searchability. Therefore, when you have created a profile account and inserted backlinks into it. Please immediately share this link on linkhay to be indexed by Google.
Invest about 20-30 thousand to run ads for link profiles.

Use popular Google Index tools. For example: tool lar index or tool index backlink.

You can insert link profiles on satellite sites designed with Blogspots. Then you will proceed to submit this blogspots site in the search console. A great way to save money

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